Key Duplication

Ask Us About Our $55 Lockout Service: available M–F 8am–6pm
Ask Us About Our $55 Lockout Service: available M–F 8am–6pm

Key Craftsmanship and Creative Problem Solving

Jake in his truck with a wall of key blanks (top) and two of the key cutting machines (botom)

Jake in his truck with a bunch of key blanks (top) and two of the key cutting machines (bottom). He can duplicate all types of modern keys as well as antique keys including skeleton keys.

It’s always been a good idea to have a locksmith cut your keys because someone who knows locks is thinking about how the key fits and works long term, not just whether it’s good enough. Now, it’s even more important to have a professional do your key duplication because key making is a complicated and often high-tech job, with key fobs and electronic key cards for access control not even having a mechanical edge to copy.

Making The Right Key

Salt Lake Jake has the skills, from finding the right skeleton key and making antique keys, to copying modern commercial keys and originating keys by code including your desk keys and automobile keys. If you’re saying “where’s there a key maker near me?” head straight for the professionals who can get keys made for you even when you thought it wasn’t possible.

House Keys

For new homeowners, we can make sure that you have a full set of keys for all the locks around the property, from the front door to the garage and garden shed. We can also rekey your locks for security and originate keys to fit. Long-term homeowners may have lost track of many of their keys. If you’ve been waiting to fill your key box and thinking “where’s there a key maker near me that can do this?” You’re all set, one call will take care of all your key duplication needs, and we make keys from scratch even in situations where you thought a lost key meant you were stuck.

Car, Van, Truck, and Motorcycle Keys

Speaking of stuck, for emergency automotive locksmith services 24/7, we’re your best call in the Salt Lake County area. We offer discounts on car keys so you can be prepared, and if you’re stuck in the middle of the night or Sunday morning, just call. We make keys by code if you don’t have a spare key to copy, and we program key fobs as well. With emergency locksmith services you want to know you’re dealing with the right person, so it will be reassuring to know Salt Lake Jake is a locally owned and insured professional locksmith. People know us and count on us.

Office Keys

People count on you at your business, and you count on your keys to open up and serve them. Why not get keys made for all your locks now, to make sure you’re not caught short? Our convenient key duplication services can make sure you have the office keys, desk, keys, and front door keys that you need, even those restricted Do Not Duplicate Keys. We have the blanks and skills to cut most commercial keys, and the ability to make electronic key cards for access control too.

When It’s Time for a Lock Upgrade

We make keys from scratch to accurately fit your existing locks and repair locks with worn mechanisms, but there’s nothing like new hardware for your home or commercial building. We guarantee and warranty the quality locks and cylinders we install from brands like Schlage, Arrow, ASSA, Medeco, and Kab-Ilco. We also provide the services to ensure that the door locks tightly and reliably once we’re done.

Call on Salt Lake Jake to keep your lock and key systems well-managed with all the keys you need.