CCTV Systems

Ask Us About Our $55 Lockout Service: available M–F 8am–6pm
Ask Us About Our $55 Lockout Service: available M–F 8am–6pm

IP CCTV Systems for Security and Accountability

CCTV cameras mounted on a brick wall outside a commercial property (top) and and IP camera mounted on a residential eave.

We can install all types of CCTV cameras for commercial and residential use. Here you see two CCTV cameras mounted on a brick wall outside a commercial property (top) and an IP camera mounted on a residential eave.

Salt Lake Jake’s CCTV (closed-circuit television) experts will help you choose the best type of camera system for your commercial and residential needs. We use IP networks and HD over coax systems, with local and remote monitoring and storage solutions using cloud services or NVR / DVR local systems. As part of an integrated security system monitoring your key and electronic access control entry points, you can ensure that you not only control access but know who has used that ability and when.

Access Control Security to Keep Your Success on Track

As a full-service locksmith and security provider, our integrated security solutions combine access control security components with CCTV monitoring. They include elements such as badge readers, high-security locks, crash bars and other emergency exit components with strategically located cameras. We implement layered security that not only controls who can open doors, but records who actually passes through, when they do, and whether they have company. With motion detection included in your system, you can be alerted when unexpected events occur, including off-hours or in remote parts of your facility.

External, Internal, Weather, and Vandal-Proof Cameras

Cameras provide accountability, and physical protection for the cameras allows them to do so in all types of weather, and in situations where criminal intent is a given. Routine monitoring of your premises, indoors and out, is a basic part of business operation or sophisticated residence surveillance, but it’s always good to be prepared for the unexpected. Off-premises cloud-based recording and remote monitoring and alerts via your smartphone keep your systems on-duty and out of reach of those who would prefer they weren’t.

Cloud and NVR/DVR Systems

NVR and DVR systems are network and digital video recorders, respectively, as appropriate for your network-based or cable-fed CCTV surveillance. These systems allow you to record from a collection of cameras, review video streams, and receive alerts when the system identifies concerns such as unexpected motion in the image. These systems provide convenient on-site access and monitoring, often in conjunction with aimable PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras to investigate concerns from a safe location. Cloud-based recording handles your video camera feeds and storage at a remote location, eliminating the need to protect the NVR or DVR equipment on-site from unauthorized access or damage. It includes features for remote access and alerts as well. For double protection, both on-site CCTV monitoring and storage and offsite cloud-based backup together keep your evidence secure.

Systems, Sophisticated or Simple, Installed Quickly and Professionally

Whether you choose quality, flexible IP networking, or high-resolution cable-borne HD video to carry your security feeds, modern equipment is designed for fast, secure installation. Our expert crew will install the cameras along with weather and vandalism protection, run the cabling or configure the networking for high reliability, and provide features like aimable PTZ control where flexible monitoring and spot close-up inspections are needed.

Responsive Maintenance, Repairs, and Upgrades to Your Existing Systems

We understand that relying on your CCTV systems includes relying on the professionals who keep them monitoring and recording around the clock. Let Salt Lake Jake make sure that your system is meeting your needs, and call us for fast response when your current system needs attention — or if you need one designed and installed to your specification.