Access Control Systems & Installation

Ask Us About Our $55 Lockout Service: available M–F 8am–6pm
Ask Us About Our $55 Lockout Service: available M–F 8am–6pm

A Conscious Choice of Security and Access Control Methods

Peace of mind makes it easier to focus on the success of your business or the enjoyment of your home. That peace of mind comes from a balanced, multi-layered access control strategy. A robust system includes solid, reliable traditional lock and key hardware, keypad locks for more flexible door security, and electronic door locks and keys for more easily managed and monitored access. Salt Lake Jake configures and installs the hardware and equipment you need to integrate your access control, along with CCTV equipment for solid accountability.

Access Control Can Be Solid, Yet Subtle

image of a keypad lock and handle

Jake can install all types of convenient and secure keypad locks on your home and business doors. Here you see a Kwikset keypad deadbolt with a matching door handle and a wrap plate to further reinforce the door and prevent break-ins.

From a simple door buzzer system to grant access to your premises to a complete commercial access system, access control implements your choices about who visits and how. For example, buzzer entry systems are often used by jewelers to protect high-value items on display in a showroom, allowing the manager to grant access carefully. Card access systems implement levels of access and trust for employees, with electronic door locks at the entrances and magnetic locking systems throughout the building to manage worker flow. CCTV systems, implemented as flexible Video IP Surveillance, can be located as needed to monitor high-security areas, entrances, and exits.

Biometrics and Other Formerly Exotic Access Control

Fingerprint locks are fairly common solutions for higher levels of security in offices and industrial facilities these days. Just as they’re available on high-end smartphones, they’re part of our collection of tools for protecting your premises and people. Most effectively, biometrics can be part of a two-factor solution, combining an electronic key card or fob with a fingerprint for ultimate security.

Access Control Systems Integration and Installation

Salt Lake Jake can help improve your building or home security by integrating brands like Paxton Access Control and Command Access, plus electronic strikes from HES. Simple solutions such as a video doorbell or Aiphone with remote door release can allow security personnel or a homeowner alone to avoid direct confrontation with a visitor who has bad intent. Electronic security from ProdataKey moves the control systems into the cloud, perfect for smaller installations and satellite offices, or buildings with no on-premises security management.

Proven Hardware and Reliable Control Systems

Software and hardware from Paxton Access Control and Command Access provide components for robust access control and security systems from Salt Lake Jake. Single-point security from Alarm Lock, card access control by well-known HID, and keypads by IEI give your business the hardware and systems used by major global corporations. From the touchless access control and Maglocks that manage your workers’ flow without inconvenience, to the proximity reader and electric strike installation that protect your offices, inventory, or laboratories, we provide the right access solution for each security need.

Expert System Design and Installation with 24-Hour Emergency Service

Salt Lake Jake has a passion for security systems design and solutions that will protect your people and property. Our team provides full-service locksmith service around the clock, insightful problem solving for security devices from locks and safes to CCTV systems and electronic access systems, and reliability that will allow you to rest easy and focus on your life’s work. Call us to talk about your needs, or to get us on our way to provide urgent service when you need us.