24-Hour Locksmith

Ask Us About Our $55 Lockout Service: available M–F 8am–6pm
Ask Us About Our $55 Lockout Service: available M–F 8am–6pm

We’re Here For You Day or Night

The protection of your security hardware and systems is only as good as your ability to manage it. When you need to access your home, office, or car, you need a way to do so quickly, even if problems arise such as lost and broken keys or broken locks. Our 24-hour locksmith provides lockout service to get you home, open your office, or unlock your car doors as needed. Salt Lake Jake’s 24hr locksmith provides emergency locksmith services throughout the Salt Lake County area. Do you have our number handy?

Salt Lake County’s Top Problem-Solving Locksmith

Jake's truck in the snow

Born and raised in Salt Lake, Jake is always ready to help in any kind of weather day or night. Call today for all your lock repair or lockout needs.

When we get a call for 24-hour locksmith service, we know that the situation is often not a simple lockout service. We might arrive to unlock a car, unlock a house, or unlock an office, only to find the problem goes beyond a simple issue of missing keys. Extraction of broken keys adds a bit of complication, but when a client forces the wrong key into the lock in a hurry, we have to use our expert knowledge of locks to unlock without damage or provide a new cylinder to replace one already damaged by the incorrect key.

The same goes for car locks, where similar keys from different brands and a bit of impatience can render the car undrivable since the steering column lock is also involved. Vandalism is another complicating factor, as is a crude burglary attempt. We accept the challenge, and use our extensive skills to engage with rather than avoid the difficult jobs. Our 24-hour locksmith is the first one you should call since we’re ready to meet any challenge you have.

Replacement Locks and Repairs to Secure Your Premises

As a full-service locksmith, getting you in is only part of the solution we provide our customers. If your lock is damaged from broken keys, old lock hardware, or burglary and vandalism, you and your property are vulnerable. Your home can’t be locked, your office shouldn’t be left unattended, and your car is even more vulnerable without a proper lock. As expert locksmiths, we install locks including hardware and cylinders from top brands that we guarantee and warranty, names like Schlage, Arrow, ASSA, Medeco, and Kaba-Ilco. We’ll make sure it’s reliable, making door repairs as needed to complete the job, and ensuring that your new security hardware fits your building’s style as well.

Your Mobile Locksmith for Commercial and Residential Security Needs

As you review our website, you’ll see that we offer a wide variety of locks, keys, access control, and CCTV services. Our 24/7 mobile locksmith backs up our own customers and comes to the aid of others who have advanced hardware and systems that need urgent attention. For businesses that have systems installed and need ongoing services, we encourage a conversation with us about adding the reliability that comes with an on-call service provider available around the clock. We also look forward to providing our emergency locksmith customers with the ongoing advice, upgrades, and new installations that they need, from a locally owned and insured locksmith they’ll appreciate having a solid business relationship with. There’s so much we can do to make life easier. Call us and find out how.